Cobra KING Utility ONE Length preview

Thomas Tanner
Dec 12, 2017
3 minutes

The original Cobra KING utility iron emerged on the market in 2017 and caused quite a stir as the first adjustable loft iron club. For 2018, Cobra has added to the family for 2018 in the form of the KING Utility Black iron and blown the category open with the KING Utility ONE Length iron.

The Cobra KING Utility Black irons have managed to seamlessly integrate Cobra MyLoft system into the hosel allowing a player to adjust the loft through 8 different settings. The addition of an Arccos sensor in every club in the Cobra 2018 line-up allows the performance of each setting to find the best one for your game.

The KING Utility iron is a hybrid or long iron replacement designed for raw distance. It looks like a normal iron but the body is hollow. The face with its milled grooves is a very thin yet made from super high strength stainless steel which wraps under to the sole and flexes at impact to provide enhanced ball speeds and distance. The additional weight of the MyFly hosel is counter-stabilised in the toe using tungsten weighting. The new ‘Black’ finish will be loved by lots of players thanks it the contrast against the ball and anti-glare benefits on bright days.

A new offering in the family of 2018 is the KING Utility One Length iron, inspired by Bryson DeChambeau. Cobra ONE Length clubs are just that - all the clubs are the same length as a 7-iron, 37.5 inches, allowing you to swing the same way for every shot. If you are already a subscriber to the ONE Length idea, the KING Utility ONE Length iron is a must. It counters the argument there was a perceived loss in distance of the long irons for the average speed swinger. If you’ve not tried the ONE Length story then this might be where to start and finally start hitting a 2, 3, and 4-iron like the rest of your clubs.

Further reading

One of the most confusing things when assembling a set of golf clubs can surround the choice between an 18 degrees fairway wood, hybrid and/or utility iron. They may all share the same loft, but this does this mean they do the same job?

Before Bryson DeChambeau started his pursuit of power, speed, and distance he was already the talk of the golf industry thanks to the equipment he was using - all his Cobra irons were the same length.