Cobra F-MAX hybrid preview

Thomas Tanner
Jul 18, 2017
2 minutes

The Cobra F Max hybrids are part of a new Super Game Improvement line with a big emphasis on being lightweight. The F Max line is aimed at the clear majority of golfers around the world falling into the high handicap category. Golfers who simply enjoy the feeling of hitting great golf shot and want to hit more of them.

The F-Max hybrids achieve this using a number of techniques primarily aimed at being lightweight. A super lightweight 60 gram shaft is lighter than its predecessor and comes with a midsize grip to allow moderate swing speed achieve a little bit more speed and thus distance.

The carpenter steel heads of the Cobra F Max hybrids have a big footprint and a shallow design to get the ball airborne easily because in the super improvement category hybrids are often used off the fairway as an alternative to long irons. The weighting in the F-Max hybrid head is back and significantly in the heel, to really promote a draw shape and face is also offset to prevent a slice.

The Cobra F Max hybrid stacked with super game improvement technology for beginner golfers wanting to hit better shots, more often!

Further reading

The Cobra F Max irons feature the best of Super Game Improvement technology but on a diet, making these clubs super lightweight as well as super easy to hit!

In simple terms, a hybrid is a cross between a fairway wood and an iron. They are relatively new kids on the block – TaylorMade started the recent trend with their Rescue clubs (they still call their hybrid clubs Rescues) about 10 years ago – but now all the manufacturers are making them.