Which Titleist Vokey wedge grind is right for you?

Thomas Tanner
Feb 09, 2018
3 minutes

Just when we’d got our heads around bounce on wedges, what it does, and how much we need, the manufacturers have thrown another variable into the mix. Grind. Like bounce angles before figuring out which grind is right for you can be extremely tough. There are 6 to choose from in the new Titleist Vokey SM7 range adding 100s of combinations to your buying decision.

We really need to understand a little about grind, because it’s a very important variable to consider when buying a wedge. But first we need to refresh our minds on bounce. Bounce is the angle of the sole measured against the ground, when the club is sat square behind the ball and the shaft is vertical. Bounce is your friend, and bounce equals forgiveness. But what about when you lay the face open to play a flop shot, or take some loft off to hit a little knock down runner? This changes the bounce angle and where grind takes over to restore it. You can read more about bounce here

So which one is for you? We’ve listed the 6 grinds available below and caught up with Bob Vokey’s top man, Jeremy Stone, to explain all the grinds available in Titleist's new Vokey SM7 wedge. If you want to read more about grind, you can do that here

S Grind:

Design based on feedback from Steve Stricker, the S is best for square faced shots with a touch more versatility than the F Grind. Simple mechanics are best with this wedge.

D Grind:

The player’s high bounce wedge. High measured bounce with the crescent shape of the M Grind for shot making versatility.

L Grind:

The L Grind features a narrow crescent shape allowing maximum green side versatility, but it is the least forgiving wedge in the lineup.

K Grind:

The highest bounce wedge in the lineup, the K Grind is the ultimate bunker club and the most forgiving wedge in the lineup for all shots.

M Grind:

Voke’s favorite, the M grind is designed for players that like to rotate the club face open and shut to manufacture shots around the green.

F Grind:

Full sole designed primarily for full swings & square face shots. Due to this design, it is the only grind available in 46°-52°, with the 54° and 56° F Grind being the most played SW on the PGA Tour.

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