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Thomas Tanner
Jul 30, 2018
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Shirts, Jackets, and Sweaters

FootJoy golf clothing and apparel is sized using small, medium, large, etc. Conversions for polo shirts, chill-out sweaters, and waterproof jackets and tops is listed in the table below. Please also not the different cuts (Athletic vs. Traditional) that FootJoy also use, details of which can be found further down the page. The majority of polos and chill-outs on Golfbidder are an Athletic cut.

Shirt Size Chest Measurement (Inches)
Extra Small (XS) 30 - 32
Small (S) 34 - 36
Medium (M) 38 - 40
Large (L) 42 - 44
Extra Large (XL) 46
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 48 - 50
Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL) 52 - 54

Traditional vs. Athlectic Fit

FootJoy golf clothing comes in two different cuts – Traditional and Athletic. The Athletic cut is for golfers who prefer a slimmer fit and more athletic look. These shirts feature shorter sleeve lengths and are tapered from chest to waist.

Trouser Sizing

Performance golf trousers are available in even number waist sizes from 30" through 42" and odd number inseam sizes from 29" to 33" (some styles are available in 35").

Mens rain trousers sizes use small, medium, large, etc which corresponds to waist size as detailed in the chart below. They are also available in odd number inseam sizes from 29" to 33".

Label Size Waist (Inches) Inseam (Inches)
Small (S) 28 - 30 31
Medium (M) 32 - 34 31
Large (L) 36 - 38 32
Extra Large (XL) 40 - 42 33
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 42 - 46 33

Thanks to FootJoy for supplying all informaiton.

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