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Along with your clubs and a bag to carry them in, golf balls are fundamental to being able to play golf - after all, the only objective is to get the ball into the hole.

If you've carried your golf bag for years, you might be thinking it's time to take the weight off and get a trolley. Carrying your golf clubs (although better exercise) drains you of valuable energy you could be putting into your golf, especially towards the end of a round and definitely in the winter when the ground becomes heavier to walk on!

A wedge is a wedge, right? Well, not so hasty! Do you have a steep or shallow attack into the ball, is the sand at your local golf course soft or hard, are the fairways rock hard – or does it always rain where you live; is the rough long or short, what sort of grass is it, do you prefer to run the ball up, or throw it up high?

The head of a golf club, especially a set of irons, is a very recognisable shape, even to non-golfers. However, the process to achieve this universally recognisable shape can vary dramatically from model to model, and even between irons within the same set.

Picking a new golf bag used to be a simple decision - a carry (stand) bag or a cart bag? Now, however, it seems that there are bags for more scenarios than we could ever have imagined - stand, cart, tour, pencil, and even hybrid!

Whether you are looking for a new set of Ping clubs from the Golfbidder store, or you already own some PING clubs, then understanding the famous PING dot system is a requirement.

Testing has shown a 6 - 21% increase in performance for people wearing properly fit golf shoes. Simple enough, right? Well, did you know more than 70% of people are wearing the wrong size?

FootJoy golf clothing and apparel is sized using small, medium, large, etc. Conversions for polo shirts, chill-out sweaters, and waterproof jackets and tops is listed in the table below.

Wedges are used in the scoring zone of golf, and just as the right ones can help you make birdie or get out of a tricky situation with par, having the wrong wedges can leave you dreadfully exposed out on the course and cost you shots.

Just when we’d got our heads around bounce on wedges, what it does, and how much we need, the manufacturers have thrown another variable into the mix. Grind. Like bounce angles before figuring out which grind is right for you can be extremely tough.

Although golf clubs are lumps of metal on a shaft, every millimetre of the clubhead is sculpted to the tightest of manufacturing tolerance to make sure they perform as expected, when required.

Most golfers understand their golf clubs, in particular their wedges, differ by loft - typically from a 45-degree pitching wedge up to as high as 64-degrees for the most extremely lofted lob wedge. But there is also another angle you need to be aware of, and that's a wedge bounce angle.