Which Titleist TSi driver is right for me?

Thomas Tanner
Apr 30, 2021
4 minutes

The Titleist TSi family of drivers includes four different models, each with individual characteristics aimed at specific golfers and golf swings. Below we look at the TSi1, 2, 3, and 4 to help you understand the differences between them to help you identify the best one for your game.

Quick summary

  • TSi1 - lightweight to help the slightly slower or moderate speed swingers hit bigger drives.
  • TSi2 - will suit most players and has the optimum launch forgiveness and distance out of the wrapper.
  • TSi3 - the most adjustable with its extra weight track at the back.
  • TSi4 - smaller headed, a spin killing model for better players.

What do they share?

The four drivers side by side all share the same livery and very clever aerodynamic lines. They all have the standout incredible 425 Aerospace Titanium face construction which Titleist brought in from Allegheny Technologies Incorporated, and they all have the SureFit hosel with 16 independent loft/lie settings.

The Titleist TSi1

We are starting with the TSi1, which is specifically designed for golfers who have slower swing speeds for one reason or another. In terms of numbers? Less than 90mph, which is 30% of golfers. The TSi1 is built to give these players more launch trajectory, more distance, and accuracy.

How? By stripping the weight back. The TSi1 is almost 40-grams lighter than standard, and this weight saving, and aerodynamic stance means faster swing speeds for the same input. More speed and spin for faster launch and longer carry, resulting in greater total distance.

The Titleist TSi2

The TSi2 and this driver will suit the majority of the playing community. The TSi2 is hugely forgiving and high launching and the one the Titleist engineers get to set up to their optimum weighting and centre of gravity specs.

The head is 460cc, but it's engineered to look bigger behind the ball, with the heel stretched out for even more forgiveness. For out of the box forgiveness, easy to hit high and long, the TSi2 is your go-to choice.

The Titleist TSi3

The TSi3 driver is the most adjustable of all the models.

The head is maxed out at 460cc, but the TSi3 looks more compact at address thanks to a deeper clubface and sends the ball on a slightly flatter trajectory, which some players prefer.

At the trailing edge of the head, there is a very clever sliding weight mechanism. Titleist used the SureFit CG cartridge system in the previous TS3 driver, but this is the first time they've used a sliding, multi-position weight.

Inside the track is an 8-gram weight that can move from Neutral to one of two positions in the heel and toe. Changing the weight position will shift the centre of gravity in the driver and help you hit draws or fades, or maybe more importantly, correct slices and hooks.

The Titleist TSi4

Finally, the TSi4 driver is specifically designed for players with fast swing speeds who find their drives spinning too much and robbing them of distance.

The TSi4 has a smaller 430cc head to fix this problem and is classed as an ultra-low spin driver with its weighting system pushed towards the face. When the ball is hit hard with a TSi4, it'll take off on a lower trajectory with more knuckleball flights.

The TSi4 is long, very long in fact, but there is a small trade-off with forgiveness in drivers set up aggressively like this.

Further reading

Lucky you if you own a TSi driver with its incredible face produced by the Pittsburgh based Allegheny Technologies Incorporated, which is 425 Aerospace Titanium and is right on the USGA's CT and COR limits.

The Titleist Sure-Fit hosel gives you loft and lie adjustability but its very important to note that the settings for left-handed clubs are not the same as in right-handed drivers.