What are the best golf training aids?

Thomas Tanner
Jun 24, 2021
5 minutes
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With more and more of us now spending more and more time at home, there is an increased opportunity to squeeze in some short game or putting practice.

To help you pick the right training aids for your space, needs, and budget, we have selected and tested some of our favourites.

Full Swing

Golfers Club Driving Mat

This driving or chipping mat will spare your carpet or wooden floor from the impact of you hitting your chips off of them. Take the mat outside or bring it out onto the lawn to practice full swing shows and avoid taking divots. There's also a rubber tee on this one you can use to take some driver swings.

Masters Lite Foam Golf Balls

Likely, you don't have space, reinforced skirting boards, or bulletproof glass to use actual golf balls safely at home or in the office; so these foam golf balls are the perfect solution.

They're the same size as a golf ball but super lightweight and will never cause any damage, no matter how hard you hit them.

Masters Drill Stix

Every golfer should have a set of alignment sticks. They're brilliant for getting set up correctly, and there are countless practice drills you can do with them. We have a whole video on alignment stick drills here. They're also so lightweight you can keep them in your bag and take them anywhere.

Pitching & Chipping

Eye Line Golf Target Circle

If you're doing some chipping practice having a target circle on the carpet or outside in the lawn is a great way to add some purpose and challenge to proceedings while also showing that a chip does not have to be online for it to be close.

The Eyeline Golf Target Circle, very light and doesn't interfere with the golf ball.

Longridge 4 in 1 Chipping Nett

This 4 in 1 Chipping Net brings a little bit of fun to chipping by offering different challenges depending on how you face the target.

It comes with lightweight balls and is an excellent way to work on your chipping technique in a confined space. It's also a perfect way for introducing new golfers to this critical part of the game while making it fun.


Putt-Out Putting Trainer

The Putt-Out is as close to perfect as a putting aid gets. Incredibly well designed and made from durable materials, this will help you dial in your short and mid-range putts immediately.

For shorter putts, try and get the ball to stop in the hole and achieve the 'perfect putt' or use the blocker to fill this hole for longer putts and let the ball travel up and back down the ramp. The design is such that how far the ball rolls back down is how far past the hole the ball will have travelled.

Finally, the tapered design means any putts which would have missed or lipped out are rejected.

And then, when you're finished, it folds away small enough to pop into your golf bag or under your desk!

Putt-Out Putting Mirror

Our final one is a little more serious. The Putt-Out Putting Mirror is a professional grade putting aid. The mirror helps to get your eyes over the ball and to focus on the putter head being square at the moment of impact.

The putter guides are magnetic, allowing you to adjust them depending on your putter, and there's an alignment gate as a target that you can use with or without the mirror.

Want More?

If you are looking for some fun golf games to try at home with all this kit or just some things you'll find around the house, then watch the video below.

Or if you want some more serious drills to practice, we also have videos on those here.

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Further reading

If you cannot wait for the lockdown to end and want to hit the ground running when golf re-opens, it's good to do a little bit of structured practise at home.

The most common use for a set of alignment sticks is to help with alignment. Drop an alignment rod just in front of your toes, and one just outside the ball, making sure they're parallel, just like train tracks.