How to adjust your Callaway Rogue driver

Thomas Tanner
Apr 03, 2020
3 minutes

Your Callaway Rogue driver is engineered for maximum power. A triaxial carbon crown and thin face braced by Jailbreak Technology are completed by a drawn back titanium sole which houses precise weighting. Despite all of this, there's loads of adjustability thanks to Callaway's ingenious Optifit hosel.

To open the shaft screw on your driver place the wrench you'll have received into the top of the screw and turn anti-clockwise. To tighten back up, turn it clockwise. When fully tightened there will be an audible "CLICK" to let you know the sleeve is safely locked in place and to avoid over-tightening.

Before opening the driver, take a moment to look at the markings on the hosel. Below the stated loft of your driver, there's a hyphen, and at the very bottom, there's another. These act as indicators to help you line up your desired setting.

When fully open the head can be removed from the shaft. You'll notice the top and bottom cogs can turn independently of each other. The Callaway Optifit hosel allows you to add up to two-degrees of loft, or reduce by one. Then for each, you can choose an 'N' for neutral and a 'D' for draw setting. Note the 'S' on the hosel stands for standard or stated loft.

The next step is turning each cog to your desired setting. The two cogs complete a two-piece jigsaw when one of the possible settings is selected. For example, to launch the ball a little lower and reduce spin, you can lower the loft by 1-degree (-1). Then on the other cog, select whether you want a neutral, or draw flight (N, D). Now you can pop the head back on, make sure the lines match and tighten to the 'CLICK'.

Remember, you can adjust your driver on the range or at any time before your round, just not during it!

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