How to adjust your Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver

Thomas Tanner
Feb 11, 2021
5 minutes

Designed for the better player, the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver gives you the ability to control the spin characteristics so better ball strikers can gain a few extra yards. The driver achieves this by moving the centre of gravity from front to back (or vice versa for more forgiveness) through moveable weight technology in the sole. You also get Callaway's Opti-Fit hosel, which allows you to change the launch and flight characteristics.

Let's begin.

Looking at the 450cc Mavrik Sub Zero driver's underside, you will see the two weight ports mentioned earlier - one in the front and one in the back. The screws housed within these are different weights - one heavier and one lighter.

Using the wrench which came with your driver, you can remove the weights. When fully tightened, the wrench will make an audible "CLICK" to let you know the screw is safely locked in place and to avoid over-tightening.

For quick reference: Heavier weight in the back for more spin, in the front for less spin.

With the heavier weight in the back and the lighter weight in the front, the driver is set up for maximum forgiveness. Still bear in mind that it's built to produce a lower spinning, flatter ball flight than the standard Mavrik model.

Switching the weights (moving the heavier weight to the front port) the centre of gravity in the head moves forward. In this configuration, the driver will impart its lowest spin and flattest trajectory on the ball, about 300RPM less than with the heavy weight in the back. The driver will theoretically perform at its longest with this setting, but be aware there will be a forgiveness trade-off.

Hosel adjustability.

Before you start to open the shaft screw, take a look at the marking on the head - there's a little dash below the driver's stated loft, and a matching one just above the hosel on the shaft. You want to make sure these line up when fixing the shaft in place as this will keep your grip lined up with at the address position.

When fully open the head can be easily removed from the shaft allowing the two cogs to turn independently. These cogs will indicate the settings available to you. Callaway's Opti-Fit hosel allows you to add up to 2-degrees of loft or go 1-degree lower. Then for each loft, you can choose an N for neutral and a D for draw.

Start with the loft.

The key to the setting up the Opti-Fit hosel is to find your desired loft first. You have a few options - S for stated (the loft stamped on the head), +1, +2, or -1.

A working example.

If you want to hit the ball a little higher and add some spin, you might select +1 - which is on the bottom cog.

Once in place (i.e. lined up with the dash on the hosel) you can now turn the top cog and select N (Neutral) or D (Draw) - it's like a little jigsaw. Ensure your settings are lined up between the hyphens and then put the shaft back in the head, tightening the screw until the "CLICK".

If you want to hit the ball a little lower, repeat the process, starting with -1 and proceeding from there.

Remember: You can add loft by increasing spin rather than physically changing the loft. If you're struggling to get the ball in the air, make sure the heaviest weight is in the rear port.

So that is how to adjust your Mavrik Sub Zero driver. It's worth your while having a play with the different settings on the range to dial in the one that suits you best.

With the front and back weighting and the Opti-Fit hosel, you can tune what is already a premium piece of engineering to the right setting for you.

Remember: You can adjust your driver on the range or at any time before or after your round, just not during it!

Do you have another Mavrik driver?

We have a separate video on how to adjust the standard Callaway Mavrik driver or the Mavrik Max driver - you can view these below.

How to adjust your Callaway Mavrik driver

How to adjust your Callaway Mavrik Max driver

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When it was released the Mavrik driver from Callaway was one of the most technologically advanced available. A new weight-saving Titanium Flash Face, the bracing and stabilising Jailbreak bars, and the light Triaxial Carbon Crown combine to make the Mavrik one of the very longest and most forgiving drivers.