How to adjust your Callaway EPIC Speed or Max driver

Thomas Tanner
Jul 27, 2021
6 minutes

The Callaway EPIC Max, Max LS, and Speed drivers are laden with Artificial Intelligence and the 2021 additions to the Callaway EPIC family of drivers. All three models have the Callaway OptiFit Hosel to adjust loft and lie. The Max and Max LS also have an adjustable sliding weight in the sole to influence shot shape.

Moveable weight technology

The Epic Speed has the centre of gravity pushed forward, its low spinning and the fastest in ball speed terms in the 2021 Epic lineup. Everything is set up for out-of-the-box distance and forgiveness with the Opt-Fit hosel to get dialled in should it be required.

Although there is no sliding weight track, there is what appears to be an adjustable weight at the back of the Epic Speed model. However, it's best not to adjust or remove that. It is for custom fitting use only.

The EPIC Max and Max LS (or Low Spin) drivers feature a sliding weight in a rail that runs from the centre of the sole to the heel. The weight in the track is 17-grams in the EPIC Max and 13-grams in the EPCI Max LS.

The weight in the track, when loosened, can move to any position along the rail. You'll notice the rail runs from the centre at the back towards the heel. It doesn't run out towards the toe like in the EPIC Flash model from 2019.

The factory setting is neutral, with the weight in the centre at the back (note, there are no notches or markings in the Max or Max LS), and in this setting, the driver will be at its most stable and forgiving.

To open the screw in your driver, place the wrench into the top of the screw and turn anti-clockwise and to tighten the screw, you turn it clockwise. When the screw is fully tightened, there will be an audible "CLICK" to let you know the sleeve is safely locked in place and avoid over-tightening.

Sliding the weight towards the heel will have the effect of promoting a draw or right to left bias on your drives (for right-handed golfers). If you struggle with a fade or want to correct a slice, this setting will help you. Lock it in, wait for the click, and away you go.

From here, you can move the weight back towards the centre to make the draw the bias more subtle, securing the weight anywhere along the track.

Opti-Fit Hosel

The Opti-Fit hosel on Callaway drivers allows you to adjust loft and lie. Before removing the head, look at the markings on the hosel. There will be a pair of small dashes, one on the head and one on the hosel. When adjusting the Opti-Fit hosel, the Golden Rule is to have these lined up at all times!

When the shaft screw is fully open, you can easily remove the head from the shaft. You'll notice the top and bottom cogs can turn independently of each other and indicate some of the different loft and lie options you can choose.

You can add up to 2-degrees of loft and go 1-degree lower. Then for each loft, you can choose an N for neutral and a D for draw setting.

The key to setting up the Opti-Fit hosel is to focus on finding your desired loft first - "S" for stated loft and +1, +2, or -1 -degrees.

If you want to hit the driver a little higher and bring up the spin, you can add 1-degree of loft by lining up +1 with the little hyphen. Holding that in place, you can now turn the other cog - it's like a little jigsaw. You'll see you have two options that fit, N for Neutral and D for Draw. Make your choice, line up with the hyphen, and reattach the head.

Conversely, if you want to flight the ball a little lower and reduce spin, you can pick the -1 on the cogs. Again, pick Neutral or Draw on the other cog, pop the head back on, make sure the lines match and tighten.

Make big changes first

If you have the option of moveable weight on your Callaway driver, we suggest making these adjustments first as they will have a more significant effect on your ball flight. Once you're happy, you can then make further, more subtle changes through hosel adjustment.

And it is very important to remember - you can adjust your driver on the range or at any time before or after your round, just not during it!

Further reading

The Callaway EPIC Flash driver is available in two models - standard and Sub Zero, which both feature the same adjustability in the form of a sliding weight around the perimeter as well as Callaway's Opti-Fit hosel. The Sub Zero does feature an additional weight port that knocks the spin rate down by moving the CG towards the face, which can be changed, but this is not recommended unless done by a club-fitter.

If you're in the market to purchase a driver, it is arguably the best time ever to do so. Everything from the top of the grip to the sole of the head has been improved to eke out every advantage and get you hitting longer and straighter than ever before.