How do one length golf clubs work?

Thomas Tanner
Dec 08, 2020
7 minutes
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Before Bryson DeChambeau started his pursuit of power, speed, and distance he was already the talk of the golf industry thanks to the equipment he was using - all his Cobra irons were the same length.

In this article we're going to take you through the theory, outstanding engineering to achieve it, and benefits a ONE LENGTH set up could bring to your game.

What's the idea?

The idea behind the ONE LENGTH concept is that all your irons are the same length - that of a 7-iron. We all know it works for Bryson DeChambeau who has built his game around consistency. He believes that whether you stand up to and swing a 5-iron or a wedge if you swing the club the same, you'll have more consistent results and better scoring.

How can they do it?

You could chop down all your current irons to be the same length thinking that'll be all you need - but sadly the solution is not that simple. Not only are the shafts all the same lengths, but the lie angles and the way the clubs sit at address need to be identical too. Also, the clubs need to launch the ball the way you'd expect a 4-iron to launch, so all the clubheads themselves are weighted differently to normal clubheads, which keeps the overall swingweight the same throughout the set.

And the reason for this apparent 'over-engineering' is so that for every shot you can swing exactly the same. If you want to know more about the incredible engineering that goes into ONE LENGTH irons, you can watch the video below.

What will it help?

In short - it will breed consistency.

With variable-length irons ball position moves forward and back depending on the club - a long iron will see the ball more forward while a wedge will be more back in your stance. According to Bryson and the ONE LENGTH concept ball position remains static and 'difficult to hit long irons' will be a thing of the past.

As well as a consistent ball position your swing itself will become more consistent. Bryson swings it differently to most of us - having what's known as a single plane swing - up and down on the same line. And he has now bulked up so that he can marry his swing plane consistency with more speed and power.

Having the same address position, the same stance, the same posture, the same swing for all your irons shot will also make the mental side easier. Knowing you're going to hit a better shot will allow you to think about other aspects - like where not to miss, for example.

Finally, there are the physical benefits. If you struggle with back problems, then finding a nice strong posture at address and a swing that you can repeat every time will help on the course.

Is there anything that's not a benefit?

If there's one thing to consider before buying a ONE LENGTH iron set it would be about the additional length on the 8- and 9-irons, and wedges. However, over time any awkwardness would fade and comfort though consistency and trusting the engineering would develop.

Also, any negative effect here would be outweighed by the benefits from the shorter long irons. When you check Bryson DeChambeau's 2020 season stats, he is one of the best irons players on Tour from 175 yards and further out - thanks to his ONE LENGTH set up.

So, do they work?

In testing, Cobra showed that compared to variable length irons, ONE Length irons improve the consistency of distance, launch and feel by improving the contact position on the face. You'll find the sweet spot more frequently, especially in long irons, by reducing the distance you are from the ball and building the repeatability mentioned above.

What does Peter Finch think?

Peter found that previous models of the ONE Length irons suffered in terms of flight characteristics with the 4 iron going too low and the wedges going too high. However, the newer models are a big improvement due to advnaces in engineering. The peak height consistent across the board with the longer irons having a nice high ball flight. His overall feeling was that Cobra have made a product which is good, but not yet perfect. The wedges went too high for his liking, but he did notice the consistency offered through the bag. So, if you are looking for a consistent set up and like the sound of a repeatable swing, the ONE Length irons might be for you.

Should you get a set?

One of the great things about Golfbidder is our 7-day trial period. So if you want to try ONE LENGTH irons, there is no risk - if you love them, great, but if you don't just return them in the same condition and we'll refund you. Full details can be found here.

If you think you'll benefit from being able to have the same posture, same address, same swing, same mental feels for every shot, to repeat and get more consistent like Bryson DeChambeau you really should give One length a go. They could change your whole enjoyment of the game and wouldn't that be great?

Further reading

The original Cobra KING utility iron emerged on the market in 2017 and caused quite a stir as the first adjustable loft iron club. For 2018, Cobra has added to the family for 2018 in the form of the KING Utility Black iron and blown the category open with the KING Utility ONE Length iron.

Although golf clubs are lumps of metal on a shaft, every millimetre of the clubhead is sculpted to the tightest of manufacturing tolerance to make sure they perform as expected, when required.