MacGregor MacTec NVG2

MacGregor MacTec NVG2

HEADCOVERS: If a headcover appears in the photos above then this club comes with the manufacturer’s matching head cover. If not we will supply a plain black fairway head cover free of charge.

WRENCHES: This club will NOT come with the manufacturers wrench for making adjustments.



Model Year:



Mens Right Hand




3 Wood





Shaft Material:






Head Condition:

Shaft Condition:

Grip Condition:

Price: £99.00

Finance available when you spend £300.00 or more.

To decide which Other wood is best for you, look for the right combination of loft, shaft material and shaft flex.

Other woods - loft
The loft on Other drivers range from 7-12 degrees. High lofts hit higher shots and low lofts hit lower shots. Other drivers (1 wood) with 9-11 degrees loft are suitable for most golfer. Other woods with less loft than 9 degrees are more suitable for low handicap golfers. Golfers with a slower swing will usually hit the ball further using a Other driver with a higher loft. The same is true with Other fairway woods. The higher the loft the easier to hit the ball but the less distance it goes.

Other woods – shaft.
Most tour professionals use graphite shafts in drivers. Other woods with graphite shafts hit the ball a little further than woods with steel shafts and dampen the vibration caused when striking the ball. Other woods with steel shafts are generally only offered as a special option. Some golfers think Other woods with steel shafts offer better feel.

Other woods - flex
Other woods with regular flex shafts are suitable for most golfers. Other woods with a stiff flex provide more accuracy for those with strong or quick swings. Other woods with light flex are aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds. The extra whip in a Other light flex shaft can be a great help to those who do not hit the ball very far, but will be less accurate for stronger players.

Other woods - steel or titanium head?
Titanium is half the weight of steel and more expensive. Its light weight allows Other to make bigger heads which have bigger sweet spots. Big headed Other drivers are much more forgiving. Even tour players benefit from using titanium headed drivers. Large titanium heads on fairway woods are not as popular. They can be less easy to control when you are playing the ball from the fairway rather than teeing it up

Five stars nvg2 very forgiving

bailey7    21/02/2008

Just purchased a NVG2 3 wood for a very good price , didnt quite know what to expect , it is long ,very forgiving , easy to shape shots both ways, now selling my callaway fusion 4 wood , to keep this great Macgregor 3 wood in my bag.

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