Used Ping Golf Clubs

Used Ping Golf Clubs

Ping Golf Clubs
At The Centre Of Innovation

The Anser putter was designed as an "answer" to competitors' putters with the "w" being left out only to fit on the end of the putter.

Karsten Solheim and Ping are credited with numerous innovations that have become industry standards. These include perimeter weighting, custom fitting and the use of investment casting in the manufacturing of golf clubs. This both reduced costs, allowed better quality control for high tech features and set the stage for manufactured fitting.

Ping was also the first to offer factory fitting, via a variety of club heads in different lies and offsets. Beginning about 1980 Ping began offering their fitting program based on a checklist of the player's physical characteristics, common problems and distances. The 2011 checklist at the Ping website contained approximately 100 data inputs and was part of a 5-step fitting process covering everything from driver to putter. Their insistence on adhering to strict engineering principles and tight manufacturing tolerances raised the level of product performance and quality throughout the golf industry. Ping’s founder, Karsten, is the only person to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame as a golf club manufacturer. To this day Ping’s engineers develop their golf clubs in a virtual world to ensure the highest level of performance before the clubs even reach the first tee.