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TaylorMade golf was born in 1979 by Gary Adams who, along with 2 others, developed the first metal wood; a 12-degree driver cast of stainless steel. This new metalwood looked and sounded different from a wooden wood, and most important, it performed differently. The clubhead's perimeter-weighting offered greater forgiveness on mis-hits, while the lower center of gravity made it easier to launch the ball in the air.

TaylorMade was independently owned until German based adidas Group brought the company in 1997. The focus of the company changed shortly after the takeover - it wanted to totally dominate the driver market. It has since achieved this, in 2005, when it officially became the number one driver on the PGA Tour, where it has remained ever since!

The same values singled out 30 years ago by Gary Adams are still revered and practiced today at TaylorMade, adidas Golf and Ashworth as they continue to deliver products that help players of all skill levels reach their potential. Since 1979 their mission has remained the same: Create the Best Performing Golf Products in the World.

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