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Once you've got your golf clubs sorted, you'd like to think the decision making is over, 'one golf balls is just like the next, right'? Sadly not. If anything, finding the right golf balls can be as confusing as finding the right golf clubs, there's as much choice, and as many variables to consider.

At Golfbidder, we stock a vast range of golf balls from all the major manufacturers in what is a furiously competitive market. Most of the brands make a golf ball which they hope you consider if you've just bought their golf clubs. Ping is the only major brand which does not give you that option.

So what are the points to consider when buying golf balls? Budget, brand, performance, golfer ability, and Tour use, all need to be factored into the decision making process. How important each of these is will differ between each golfer, so there is not a foolproof process to follow.

The most crucial question is, will the ball you're using help you play your best? All the different models available will have different characteristics. They will spin, launch, fly, and land differently, and you want one that will compliment your game the most. These characteristics will also change depending on which club you're using. But as you cant change your ball during a hole, you need to understand the forces at play.

If you struggle off the tee with a slice, then look for a ball that spins less. However, this will impact performance around the greens as the ball will not spin from your wedges as much. On the other hand, if you need help getting the ball in the air, look for a ball which spins more. However, this will impact your distance. As you can see where one area of your game will benefit, another will see a slight fall.

If you're a beginner, then you may be going through golf balls like sweets so how much you're spending is going to be more critical than which brands ball you're teeing up or its performance. However, if you've got a full bag of Titleist clubs, you'll probably want to play their golf ball too.

The golf ball market is excellent as there is an offering from each brand at each price point. If you want to play a TaylorMade ball, but don't want to spend too much, then there is one available. Likewise with Callaway, and Bridgestone.

The price of golf balls is in part, determined by the level of technology that goes into their production. Balls at the bottom end of the market have fewer features and benefits and therefore cost less to produce, which reflects their retail price. Premium and Tour golf balls take years of research by some of the best engineers in the world to design and then manufacture. These processes, and the materials used, cost more and therefore drive up the price you pay. For more information, you can read about why some golf balls are so expensive here.

An alternative to brand new balls would be lake balls. Used only for a few holes in some cases, they can give you a route into premium golf balls, without the premium price tag.

Finally, look at the professional game. There is a clear model of choice, although the gap is narrowing. The Titleist Pro V1 has been the number one ball in golf for years, with well over half of PGA Tour fields using it on a weekly basis, many of whom are not paid to do so.

Whichever ball you choose, it's

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