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Some people call them pencil bags, some Sunday bags, and others carry bags. At Golfbidder, we stock a vast range of compact and lightweight bags from the major manufacturers (who make one) as well as some unbranded, budget options. They're designed to weigh as little as possible and give golfers an alternative bag for practice, either on the course via nine holes in the summer, or at the range when they only want to take a few clubs. Most golfers, who have a pencil bag, will have it as a secondary bag, with either a full-size cart or stand bag as their main bag.

Immediately noticeable when looking at pencil bags is their compact size. Although they can take a full set, it's a very tight squeeze and not what they're designed for - taking six or seven clubs more comfortably.

As a result of their smaller size, these bags can be very lightweight, very mobile and very easy to store. One negative of their size is the limited space for pockets, with most having only a small one for balls and accessories, and a larger one for a single piece of apparel. As a result, these bags are not suitable for instances when you'll need a full range of kit as well as clubs. Note too that these bags do not come with a rain hood.

Most pencil bags come with a double strap to spread the weight across the back, much like a rucksack. Some bags are also available in a single strap option for convenience when taking the bag on and off frequently.

As waterproof material gets lighter and more cost-effective, some brands are beginning to experiment with waterproof pencil bags. At the of time of writing, the only one available which is fully waterproof, the H2NO Sunday bag from Sun Mountain. Both Titleist and Mizuno put a waterproof material on the belly to stop dew and moisture being absorbed when the bag is on the ground. To further help with the moisture issue, some pencil bags also have a manually operated micro stand to raise the top off the ground a small distance.

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