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Golfbidder stocks over 100 different stand bags from more than 10 of the biggest golf brands, as well as independent and specialist, manufactures. Whether its a small, compact range bag, or a 14-way, waterproof bag for all seasons, we're sure to have a solution for you!

Stand bags offer a compact and more convenient solution than other bags (cart or pencil) that you might be considering. They are a great blend of practicality - with pockets (will vary from bag to bag) included for all your accessories and apparel you might like to carry, without the need for additional investment in a trolley.

Common in all stand bags on Golfbidder is a double strap. They're designed to be carried, so the manufacturers want to make this easy and as comfortable as possible. All stand bags feature a system which is designed to balance the load across you back and shoulders, much like a backpack or rucksack. Some bags self-balance, whereas most will need an adjustment once your bag is loaded with your equipment. You'll only need to do this once, however.

Stand bags differ in three main areas, the number of dividers, waterproof-ness, and weight.

The number of dividers in a stand bag will range from 2 in the smaller examples to full 14-way tops in the hybrid style bags, and the amount you need depends on personal preference. The number will also be a trade-off against weight, as more dividers require more material, and therefore increase the overall weight. Dividers can also be 'full-length' or just in the top-cuff. Full-length dividers extend from the top to the bottom of the bag and will keep the grips from clashing and making the clubs feel overcrowded. Top cuff only dividers will keep the club heads separately. Most bags have a combination of both of these, keeping your clubs in groups of 3 or 4.

Waterproof golf bags are becoming more and more popular as the materials get better. A genuinely waterproof bag will have fully waterproof material, waterproof zippers, and be fully seam-sealed. This means all stitching is backed with additional waterproof material. There are some bags which are made from the same waterproof material, have the same waterproof zips, but are not seam-sealed. These bags are not waterproof but will provide a level of cover for most golfers. They are also a little cheaper as seam-sealing is a laborious process which takes time and adds cost. Non-waterproof stand bags usually contain one waterproof pocket for valuables such as a wallet or phone.

The overall weight of the stand bag will depend on the number of features it has. There have been significant advances in lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and lightweight fabrics, meaning a bag can be made to weight less than 2kgs. However, all of this hard work can be undone when you add your clubs a few golf balls, and a bottle of water. Waterproof bags will be heavier by nature, but the stated weight of a bag is only relevant if you're going to control what you carry.

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