Golf Club Buyers' Guide

Golfbidder Buyers' Guides

Driver Buyer Guide

With dozens of different models on offer, the choice of drivers can be a bit overwhelming. To help narrow down the options, we’ve put together a quick 4 Steps Guide.

Fairway Buyer Guide

With the rise in popularity of hybrid (sometimes called utility or Rescue) woods, deciding which fairway wood to opt for has become a little trickier.

Irons Buyer Guide

A set of irons is probably the most expensive single piece of golf kit you’ll buy – so best to get it right! Hundreds of different models, but which set of golf irons will be best for you?

Wedge Buyer Guide

Sand, gap and lob wedges, there are a huge array to choose from. Here are some factors worth considering when choosing a wedge.

Putter Buyer Guide

The offset, mallet, belly, two-ball and blade putters, the list goes on, and prices vary enormously. To help narrow down the options, we’ve put together a quick guide.

Hybrid Buyer Guide

Hybrid clubs, Utility clubs, Rescue clubs – whatever you call them (we call them ‘Utility Clubs’ on the website), they are a lot easier to hit than long irons!

Avoiding Counterfeit Golf Clubs

Read our guide to counterfeit golf clubs, what to look out for and why we don't get caught out! You'll be amazed at how good some of them are!

Irons: Cast vs. Forged

Customers sometimes ask us about the difference between forged and cast heads. We hope this brief guide helps you to understand some of the different materials used in iron heads.

Irons: Loft and Lie Angles

So how do you tell whether the lie is correct on your clubs? The technology for testing this is very simple. Your local pro should be able to help.

Irons: Bounce Angle

Most golfers understand that wedges differ by loft - typically from a 45 degree pitching wedge up to as high as 64 degrees for the most extremely lofted lob wedge. But what about the bounce angle?