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Your hands are the only part of your body which is always in contact with the golf club. Making sure this connection is reliable and stable through the entire length of your swing will make the game much more comfortable and leave your mind clear to focus on making a proper swing.

Wearing a glove is one way to ensure this. A glove provides more grip than human skin which keeps the club locked in place. All the best players in the world all wear one (some even wear two!) to minimise the risk when just one shot can make or break a tournament. And it's the same for amateurs.

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Hand and size

Golf gloves are worn on the top hand when a golfer takes their grip - the left side for right-handed golfers, and the right hand for left-handed golfers. The top hand wraps around the grip and delivers all the power from the golf swing. If this hand slips, then everything else falls around it.

As well as knowing which hand to look out for when buying gloves, they also come in sizes - ranging from small to extra-large. To find out which size you are, take a look at FooyJoy's guide here. FootJoy is the market leader in gloves, both at retail and on the PGA Tour, so gloves from other manufacturers are sized to match these as brands look to attract business. There are a few gloves on the market which are sold as one size fits all or OSFA.

Material and construction

The material of your glove will fall into one of three categories - all-leather, all-synthetic, or a mix of the two.

All leather gloves are the most expensive and give the most comfortable fit. The thin leather fits like a second skin to offer maximum grip without unnecessary irritation or interference in the swing.

Synthetic gloves (sometimes called all-weather) are made from human-made materials and are more durable and hit a different price point.

Glove with part leather and part synthetic is the best of both - soft, supple leather on the palm and thumb for comfort and additional grip with stretchy synthetics in the fingers and back to keep the price lower than the all-leather offerings.

Most gloves also have some form of elastic to help it stretch around the hand. If you're looking at gloves, and are between sizes, opt for the smaller size.

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