Being comfortable when you're playing golf has a significant impact on how you score. If you can keep cool in the sun, warm in the cold, and dry in the rain, your scoring will be better than those who can't. A good quality umbrella can keep both you and your clubs dry if the rain comes while you're on the course.

What makes a golf umbrella different from a regular umbrella is its sheer size. A golf umbrella can be up to 70 inches in diameter as designed to protect both you and your golf bag.

Another design feature of golf umbrellas is called a double canopy. The umbrella's canopy is split into two, allowing a gust of wind to blow through without turning it inside out or taking off down the fairway way. Be warned that not all golf umbrellas have this feature, so if you play by the coast or are looking specifically for it, be sure to check the product description.

Umbrellas do not only offer protection from the rain but also from the sun. Some golf umbrellas have a special coating that offers a level of UV protection that you can use when there's no rain in the forecast!

A nice final feature of some umbrellas is auto-open. If the heavens open suddenly, then this feature can get your umbrella up and shielding you within seconds. Press a button, and the umbrella opens up to is full width.

And finally, for those who use a golf trolley, you can get an attachment that will hold your umbrella for you as you walk behind, fully protected and hands-free. Check out the various options here - electric or manual.

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