Travel Gear & Luggage

A good golf club travel cover is essential if you've gone to the expense of booking a golf holiday abroad. It will provide all the protection you need when travelling with your golf clubs - as well as additional space (weight limits permitting) for your wash bag and clothing, leaving you with just hand luggage - making moving through the airport a breeze.

Although access to rental sets can make life super easy, there is nothing like having your clubs and accessories away with you.

Adequate protection?

One of the main concerns around travelling with golf clubs is ensuring they have adequate protection to avoid any damage during the journey. All the travel covers we sell have padding built-in.

For additional protection and peace of mind, you can add a 'Spine' to your golf bag. This stiff rod extends to the full length of your travel cover and will take the brunt of any impact (rather than your brand new driver!).

Other luggage options

For the natural Tour Professional feeling, we also stock a range of matching hand luggage for everything you'll need while in transit.

We also have a range of smaller travel accessories such as shoe bags and wash kits to complete the line up.

Should you take your golf clubs on holiday?

When travelling with golf clubs, there are additional costs to consider - the cost of extra baggage vs the cost of hire. If you're only playing one round, maybe think twice, but if you're playing more than once, then taking your clubs is a no-brainer and will allow you to enjoy your golf more!