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There is a strong belief that using an electric trolley for your round of golf can save you up to two shots - thanks to the extra energy you have as you enter the final few holes. How many times have you been on the 17th tee with a good score only to finish poorly? Well, with an electric trolley, the frequency of this happening will be reduced - so the theory goes.

As well as delaying any fatigue until after you've finished your round, an electric trolley allows you to carry more stuff. Things like - additional clothing, an umbrella, more dry gloves, and more water and snacks - all of which will only be a benefit to you should the weather change, or you get a little hungry. If you were carrying your golf bag, you'd have to make compromises on these items and thus compromise your scoring potential.

What are the options for electric golf trolleys?

Your first decision is going to battery-based - and you have two options: an 18-hole standard battery, or an extended battery designed to run up to 36-holes.

If you play a lot of golf, then an extended or 'ultra' battery would be a great option as you'll only have to charge it half the time. All the batteries we sell at Golfbidder are Lithium, so have a much longer life span than traditional lead-acid. They're much smaller too.

Another consideration is the size of the trolley when it's folded - but only a real concern if you're car is on the compact side. If you have a smaller car, then the M-Series from Motocaddy would be a great option as it folds up very small. To make them even smaller, the rear wheel on all trolleys can also be removed.

If you have a larger car or even trolley storage at your golf club, then you can buy the trolley that suits your budget or has the features you want, which leads us on nicely to precisely what you can get on an electric trolley.

One additional key feature is an excellent choice if the course you play often is particularly hilly - and that is downhill control. DHC means that if the trolley is going downhill, it will maintain the set speed rather than letting gravity take over, and the trolley runs away down the hill. Look out for trolley with DHC in the title if this is a feature you think you need.

Another additional feature is the inclusion of course GPS on the handle. When you stop the trolley, it's as easy as it can be to glance down and see how far it is to the front, middle, or back of the green, as well as some hazards. All the technology is built-in to the trolley, so no other tech (like your phone) is required.

And finally, probably the most luxurious of trolley features is a remote control. Send your trolley scampering off down the fairway and park it next to your ball while you think about something else, or enjoy the walk.

Other features like distance control (you can tell the trolley to only run for 30 yards) and a USB port are included on most electric trolleys as standard.

Free Umbrella Holder
Buy any electric Motocaddy trolley and get a free umbrella holder.

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