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The first thing to realise about Yonex is that technology is at the heart of everything they do. Both the head and shaft are built in tandem, in-house to create synergy and deliver a better golf club. The focus of their research and development has always been on weight savings. Their expertise in graphite allows Yonex to provide super lightweight hybrids which are going to benefit golfers with slower than average swing speeds.

The central family of metal woods from Yonex is the EZONE. EZONE hybrids have evolved from a standard, traditional looking and performing hybrid with a carbon crown and low CG location to one of the most technically advanced hybrids on the market.

The EZONE Elite 2 features a new octagonal crown which not only lowers the CG even further for more forgiveness but also flexes at impact for more initial velocity and launch. However, what makes more recent Yonex hybrids (and their wider metal wood range stand out) is the new groove patterns they've adopted. On the hybrids, they're, of course, diagonal with the theory being this prevents grass and moisture from coming between the ball and face for increased stability and improved accuracy.

Another ingenious innovation from Yonex is Dual Tungsten Power or DTP which technology increases head speed and helps the balance and stability of the golf club to provide a long straight ball flight. A simple tungsten screw in the head and grip of the club improves the balance of the club.

Starting life as a producer of wooden fishing floats and more known in badminton and tennis circles, Yonex doesn't sound like your typical premium golf manufacturer. However, having found success in the utilisation of graphite shafts for tennis and badminton, the company found the same can apply to golf clubs. Recognising a growing market, Yonex was born as we know it today and established its base in Torrence, California ready to release its first clubs in 1983.

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