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The level of technology Yonex puts into its golf clubs is second to none. Every aspect of the club is meticulously researched, designed, and manufactured by them to meet their tight tolerances, and the product will deliver the performance they promise. A high level of technology leads to Yonex golf clubs being aimed at the beginner or game improver. Yonex irons feature all the technology you’re familiar with - perimeter weighting, cavity back, added mass in the heel and toe, and a super-thin, super-fast face.

One area where Yonex irons stand out is the physical size. Yonex engineers realise to utilise technology to the maximum sacrifices need to be made. Some manufacturers limit themselves by wanting to make clubs that will appeal in aesthetics. Yonex, however, is confident their technology will far outweigh any detrimental effect on aesthetics. A slightly wider sole, thicker top-line and longer blade length create more space for the engineers to put mass - which equals increased forgiveness and a big tick for game improvers and beginners!

Yonex is one of the few golf manufacturers (as well as Honma) who manufacturer the shafts that go into their golf clubs. By designing the shaft and head in tandem, Yonex can deliver even more performance then if the heads were on a ‘stock’ offering. Another small detail which makes this premium manufacturer stand out from the crowd.

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