Yonex Fairway Woods

In terms of fairway woods, Yonex does something very, very different to others in the market - diagonal grooves.

Yonex finds themselves in a tricky situation. It's challenging to stand out in the fairway woods market if you've not got a marketing budget which can run into the millions of dollars, or have the trickle-down effect from drivers being used by the world's best week in, week out on the PGA and European Tour. With this being the case, then it's down to the clubs themselves to do the talking and deliver a performance which stands out from the crowd.

Part of Yonex's Groove Flow concept, the slanted grooves help to prevent grass and moisture from coming in-between the clubface and the ball, stabilising the ball flight by reducing left and right side spin for more accuracy. In contrast, drivers in the family have verticle grooves to encourage more backspin and an upward trajectory.

Yonex also designs and built the shafts used in their golf clubs. Doing this in tandem with the clubhead allows the engineers to get every possible yard out of their designs.

Away from innovation, what can now be viewed as standard, Yonex also employs a carbon crown to help free up mass to increase forgiveness and produce and easy launch — aided by a more substantial and shallower face which increases the size of the sweet spot.

Yonex utilises the latest in research, design, and manufacturing, to make the best fairway wood for mid to high-handicap golfers, giving them what they need, without unnecessary sacrifice.

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