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When looking at hybrids specifically Wilson's models in this category follow the naming convention of their lead driver, fairway wood, and iron models - completing a full family of golf clubs for the avid Wilson fan. And it's not only in the naming convention; the technology story follows through from driver to irons.

Wilson's research and design team have started to focus on ball speed and come up with a couple of solution over recent releases to deliver this to their users. The first, as featured in the D7 hybrids, is saving weight. By making the club lighter, the user will generate more clubhead speed for the same input which will transfer into more ball speed off the face and thus more overall distance.

The face is the next area where Wilson has chosen to focus. Utilising their Carpenter Custom 455 face, a premium steel insert, enables the D7 hybrid to achieve superior feel and distance when compared to earlier releases. Before this, the C300 became the only hybrid on the market to utilise Power Hole technology. By milling away areas behind the face making it unsupported in areas. This instability allows the face to flex more at impact and increases the amount of energy returned to the ball after impact, which increases ball speed and distance.

Like the majority of brands, in recent years Wilson has released a utility iron to keep up with modern trends on the PGA and European Tour. These iron-style hybrids produce a low spinning and penetrating flight - both characteristics preferred by the better player.

Having taken its place at the very heart of golfing innovation, Wilson has solidified its reputation as one of the more influential brands in golf, helping the game take shape and develop into the sport we know today.

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