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The Infinite range of putters from Wilson Staff is their main line up and consists of models suited to every putting stroke out there. From traditional blade styles to huge, forgiving mallets for those who need maximum help on the greens.

Each putter in the range takes its name from a district in Chicago, where the companies HQ is, with each head design varying from the next. If you’re looking for a blade style putter which will suit an acing putter stroke, then look out for models like Grant Park, Windy City, and Michigan Avenue. If you’re looking for more help and forgiveness on the greens, then South Side or West Loop might be more suited. These putters are face balanced (face points upwards when balanced on your finger) which suits a straight back and straight through putting stroke.

The West Loop putter is a broader blade which is a trend on Tour and bridges the gap between traditional Anser styles and mallet, taking the best bits from both.

The Infinite range of putters all feature a double milled face, counterbalanced grips for added control, and a dark ain’t-glare finish.

The 888 Series of Wilson putters take inspiration from the timeless designs from the past, updated with precision milling and current technology in the perfect blend of classic design and modern forgiveness. The faces are double milled to be perfectly flat and to reduce the skidding phase of the journey of the ball to the hole, which improves accuracy and distance control.

Putters in the 888 range are going to suit players with an arcing putter stroke, like a door opening and closing, due to their blade design and level of toe hang. They’ll also suit a ‘feel’ player.

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