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Wilson wedges fall into two categories - for the game improvement and the better player. Their game improvement wedges are going to be extensions of their excellent game improvement irons sets. Players who use clubs from their Distance ( D7, D300, etc. ) and Crossover ( C300, Ci9, etc. ) families are going to be best suited to the matching wedges, especially in the pitching and approach or gap wedges. These wedges will blend directly into their respective irons sets for consistency through the bag in terms of feel and gapping, which will lead to better distance control and closer pitches.

If you’re at the top end of the game improver category or a better player, then you’ll be familiar with the FG Tour family from Wilson. The flagship model for the better and even Tour player and the irons (FG Tour V6) get excellent exposure on both the PGA Tour and European Tour.

The FG Tour wedges focus on game characteristics the better player is looking for - consistency and control. The PMP wedges - which stands for Precision Milled Performance - and the preceding Traction Control model introduced new face milling and grove technologies to Wilson wedges to deliver this.

The grooves in these wedges are engineered to the maximum allowable volume to deliver maximum spin on full shots. Micro Spin Lines are milled into the face to add more spin on partial shots around the green where precision counts.

FG Tour wedges from Wilson also come in a trio of grinds - Traditional, Wide, and Tour. Traditional grind wedges are standard and will suit most golfers. If you need help out of bunkers or your swing plane is particularly steep (take big divots) then the fuller sole with lots of bounce will help you. If, on the other hand, you pick the ball off the surface or play in hard/links conditions, then a Tour grind with reduced bounce might suit you.

In terms of finish, most golfers like the chrome or satin finish for clean lines and matching in with their irons. However, some people like to be different, and for those people, Wilson does a blue wedge in specific loft options. From a performance point of view, they’re the same; the decision is personal preference.

Wedges which might produce different performance characteristics are the Oil Can or Raw finish wedges. These wedges will rust over time which adds an element of roughness to the face, which in turn helps to generate more spin. That’s the theory, in practice; however, the results might be challenging to see for the average golfer.

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