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When it comes to winning Majors, it might surprise you to learn Wilson sit on top of that particular mountain. Their sixty second and latest (at the time of writing) was Gary Woodland's success in the 2019 US Open at Pebble Beach. Woodland was using a full set of Wilson Staff Blades to secure his first Major and Wilson's first since Padraig Harrington's PGA Championship triumph in 2008. Their first Major came almost 100 years ago when Gene Sarazen won his first US Open in 1922.

The Wilson iron story is an easy one to follow. Their irons split into three distinct families, all aimed at a different player. These categories are 'F' or Feel, 'C' or Crossover, and 'D' or Distance.

Looking at the 'Feel' player category, these are the irons aimed at the better player and Tour Professional. The Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 irons are the most popular model with their Tour Staff and elite amateurs alike as they feature more technology than the pair of bladed models in the family - Staff Model Blades and FG Tour 100.

Moving on to the 'Crossover' player category, these are the irons aimed at the game improver. In general, they still feature game improvement technology but in a much sleeker and more appealing profile.

However, it is in the 'Distance' category where Wilson come into their own and dominate the landscape with beginners and game improvers. They lit the fuse in this category when they released the Di7 iron in 2007. Featuring a huge cavity for more consistency on off-centre hits and a CG placement for higher and straighter shots the Di7 was billed as the most playable wide sole iron on the market. This title was echoed by Golf Monthly who gave it their 'Best on Test' award.

The Di7 gave Wilson a fabulous standing to build on with subsequent models; however, without any innovation, they would quickly date and be left behind by other brands. Wilson knew the face was vital in this category as it will unlock ball speed and thus distance and landed on Powerholes behind the face to achieve this. A series of holes behind the face increased the area of the face, which was unsupported and could, therefore, flex more at impact, which creates more ball speed. This technology evolved throughout a few models, and there are now three rows of holes! They're filled with a polymer to deliver a soft feel.

If you're new to the game or looking for a set of irons to heighten your enjoyment, then Wilson is the place to start. A fantastic history in making winning golf clubs, but an understanding of how to make the game easier for all!

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