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When you think of Wilson, you probably think of their irons - they've won more Majors than any other brand in this category, with the most recently Gary Woodland at the 2019 US Open. However, this does not mean they cannot make good fairway woods and transfer some of the experience gained in other categories.

Like in other golf club categories Wilson splits their fairway woods into three player profiles. For the better player, there is the FG Tour family which is part of 'F' or 'Feel' family. The FG Tour fairway woods will have a smaller profile and a slightly front of centre CG location for reduced spin and a penetrating flight - all characteristics preferred by single figure handicappers and elite players. With only a limited offering for these types of players, Wilson perhaps acknowledges this is not a space they can operate in when offerings from TaylorMade and Callaway perform so well.

As we move up the handicap ladder, Wilson comes into its stride. A slightly larger head gave Wilson's excellent engineering division more mass to play with to design and build an extremely playable fairway wood for the mid-handicapper.

The C300, for example, has visible weight technology on the sole in the form of ports in the heel, toe and rear to deliver maximum forgiveness by placing weight on the extreme perimeter. This model also features Wilson's Power Hole technology. The theory behind this is the same as slot technology seen from other manufacturers. By increasing the amount 'unsupported' face, more energy is returned to the ball at impact for more speed and ultimately more distance.

Finally, there is Wilson 'Distance' family of golf clubs. As much as Wilson excels with their 'Feel' category irons (62 Majors, remember!), it's in the distance and game improvement category where their fairway woods come into their own. The idea is simple, give the golfer a fairway wood that's easy to hit and long. By stripping out all the adjustability and going back to basics, Wilson can focus on maximum forgiveness and maximum distance. A lightweight crown frees up mass which is placed low and back for high launch and high MOI. These clubs are also incredibly lightweight allowing the user to generate more speed for the same input and get more distance from the first swing.

Wilson is one of the biggest sports brands in the world. Team this with their unmatched heritage in golf, and you can find some real quality equipment which matches the traditional 'leading brands' stride for stride.

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