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You'll struggle to find a golf brand with more heritage and legacy than Wilson. It might come as a surprise that they've won more Majors than any other brand, with their irons present in the bag for no less than 61 Major victories. Padraig Harrington's back-to-back Open Championships will be in the memory for most golfers.

When browsing Wilson drivers (and their more comprehensive product offering), there is a simple formula you can follow. Any clubs (not just drivers) with an 'F' in the model name (e.g. FG Tour) Wilson say are for the 'Feel' player. Drivers that fall into this category will be for the better player with the launch, spin, and forgiveness characteristics to go along with this. Any driver prefixed with a 'C' (e.g. C300) will be for the 'Crossover' player. This player will be a teen handicapper (either on the way up or down) who are looking for a little help with the one that's not quite out the centre. Finally, there's the 'D' for Distance category. These drivers (e.g. D7) will be for the game improver and deliver max distance and max forgiveness with weight low and back to help get the ball in the air and keep it there.

Like the majority of modern drivers, Wilson's are adjustable in the hosel ot change launch angle. But, in a move to break free of the traditional cycle of driver research and development, Wilson teamed with the Golf Channel in America and launched Driver vs Driver. The reality TV show pitted engineers and designers (not currently working in golf) against each other to come up with a driver which Wilson would put into production and their product line up.

The first season saw the Triton driver come out on top. The critical features of which are interchangeable sole plates and a BOLD alignment aid on the crown. The second season saw the launch of the Cortex driver. Much more conventional in look, it features a track which runs back to front allowing the user to control spin in the tradeoff between distance and forgiveness.

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