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TaylorMade hybrids exploded into the retail environment when they released the Rescue Mid back in 2005. This club created a new benchmark, not only for TaylorMade, but all other manufacturers to follow in their quest to dominate what at the time was a new category.

As a result of the Rescue Mid's popularity, TaylorMade continues to call their hybrids by this name - Recuses. Before this, it was a case of learning to hit long irons or have a considerable gap in yardage at the top of your bag between you fairway wood and the longest iron you could hit with any confidence.

By design, hybrids take the best form fairway woods - larger heads which allow the weight to be low and back for high launch, and the best of long irons - long-distance control off the fairway or out of the rough. However, the hybrid category is never standing still with trends and fashions fluctuating more than in any other.

What most golfers would call a TaylorMade hybrid follows in name and technology the release of their driver and fairway woods to complete a full metal wood solution at the top of your bag. In recent years this has been in the form of the hugely successful M-Series.

Technology which works in a driver, where there is a lot of space and mass to play with, might not work as well in a hybrid - not without a couple of years worth of evolution anyway. The M family from TaylorMade is the perfect example of this. The contrasting white stripe on the crown of the original M1 and M2 drivers did not trickle down to the hybrids until the M4 version. It was s similar case with TwistFace technology which improves performance of off-centre strikes but needed a little more engineering after being released in the M3 and M4 driver to make it useful in hybrids. It was released a year later in the M6.

As mentioned, the hybrid category is always evolving, and the recent induction of the GAPR series and the P790 UDI brings utility driving irons to the TaylorMade family. Aimed at the better player market the GAPR and P790 UDI produce a low penetrating ball flight from an iron style package. The best golfers in the world are playing these clubs on the PGA Tour, including Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and John Rahm.

No matter your playing style, whether you are a low handicapper looking for low fizzing "Stinger", or you are looking for a reliable club from any lie to get you back in play, the TaylorMade range of hybrids has you covered.

The brand new SIM UDI and DHY utility irons from TaylorMade are in stock now and ready to be dispatched.

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