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Like their drivers, TaylorMade fairway woods are used by some of the best golfers in the world. Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and John Rahm all use TaylorMade fairway woods to lift numerous tournament crowns on the PGA Tour each season! And they follow the naming convention of their drivers almost identically, with every driver launch having a fairway (or two) to match.

TaylorMade splits its product offering into two broad categories. If you like to play around with your loft, and CG location, then you can go down one avenue. The other option is the maximum performance from a club set up as the engineers designed it.

If you're in the first of these (love the chance to adjust), then your options are slightly more limited. Due to the engineering involved and limited space in a fairway wood, full adjustability is a recent innovation. All odd-numbered fairway woods in the 'M-Series' (1, 3, and 5) will feature a sliding weight to move the CG location to a draw or fade bias. Other adjustments you can make are on the hosel. TaylorMade's loft sleeve allows adjustment across 4-degrees.

From an ability point of view, TaylorMade's adjustable fairway woods are aimed at the better player. The CG is forward (as a result of the moveable weight) which will reduce spin and create a more penetrating flight - both characteristics preferred by the better player.

If you're happy to trust the engineers have it right, then look no further than TaylorMade fairway woods! It began with Rocketballz when the introduction of a slot behind the face changed the game for TaylorMade fairway woods. The extra distance TaylorMade was able to deliver turned fairway woods into real alternatives to drivers off the tee when finding the fairway was a premium. It will come as no surprise to learn this slot has been en ever-present in the models since, up to and including the M6 for 2019.

TaylorMade's non-adjustable fairway woods have a bigger profile which enables the engineers to position the weight low and deep for maximum forgiveness and high launch. This profile makes them attractive to the mid to high handicap who find their fairway woods some of the hardest to hit clubs in their bag.

There are a few models which have a 'Tour' version (M2 & M4) which is a smaller headed, non-adjustable fairway wood. The smaller profile will appeal to the better player at address while delivering the high launch and steep descent for stopping the ball on the green of par-5s.

As well as the name, TaylorMade fairway woods follow their driver models in technology terms too. In recent years there's been a focus on multi-material construction. Their newer fairway woods feature a carbon crown to bring the CG low to create the high launch.

However, it's the face where TaylorMade is creating waves. The introduction of TwistFace in the M3 & M4 drivers turned a few heads with its claim to correct a poor strike and deliver more fairways. With many people still not convinced, TaylorMade has stuck with it and managed to engineer it into their fairway woods for 2019. Subtle curves (not visible at address) in the low heel and high toe correct shots struck here to keep them straight and deliver straight distance.

For years TaylorMade was the number 1 metal wood on Tour, and with that heritage, there's sure to be some hidden gems on our site.

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