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The Titleist Speed Project (TS) was Titleist's answer to questions asked by their Tour players to deliver more speed (and thus distance). By deconstructing the clubs and rebuilding to add more speed in every detail, Titleist has revolutionised their line up, rather than their unrivalled consistent cycle of evolution. The party piece of the project is the ultra-thin titanium crown which allows more weight to be shifted lower and deeper for more forgiveness. This approach is not only for Titleist hybrids, but their drivers, and fairway woods too.

When there's a new release in the metal wood category from Titleist they always come in pairs with the same model available in two different configurations which will suit two different player profiles. Titleist is consistent in their naming convention, so the rules form the TS family (range for 2020) will apply to the previous generation hybrids.

The TS2 (or 818 H2, 917 H) aims itself at the majority of the golfing market. By optimising the weight distribution for higher launch and lower spin, the TS2 (and similar models) offer extra carry distance which might not be achievable with more forward CG clubs. On the other hand, you have the TS3 (and prior models 818 H1, 917 Hd) which is a more direct iron replacement for the better player who strikes down on the ball through impact. Weight is shifted lower in the club, offering an improved launch angle with low spin and a penetrating flight - all characteristics preferred by the elite players in the world.

All Titleist hybrids (not including utility irons) from the 910 onwards feature the Titleist Surefit hosel allowing adjustability in both loft and lie. Being able to adjust these independently from one another enables you to produce more consistent distance and accuracy.

Golf equipment is constantly evolving, and with the popularity of utility irons soaring, Titleist has released another pair of clubs; the U500 and U510 - to replace the T-MB of previous years. The U500 series of utility irons offer more forgiveness than the standard long iron it replaces and delivers more consistency in the gap between mid irons and fairway woods.

The U500 is a small, compact utility iron with a small profile giving better players the confidence to work and strike the ball as they desire. The U510, in contrast, has a larger profile to inspire confidence for the mid handicapper. Expect to see the U500 and U510 in the bags of the Titleist's PGA Tour and European Tour playing staff over the coming season.

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