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The Srixon wedges for sale on Golfbidder are almost exclusively extensions of their respective iron sets. This is worth bearing in mind when browsing Srixon wedges. If you’re a Srixon fan and fall into the better player category, then have a look at our Cleveland wedges here. Cleveland is known for their wedges and is owned by the same parent company as Srixon.

While your browsing Srixon wedges there is a simple naming convention to follow. All Srixon golf clubs fall under their ‘Z’ family (as does their premium ball offering - the Z-Star) which is followed by three numbers. The first one denotes the ability of the player for who the wedges are designed. The Z 965, for example, is aimed at Tour level professionals, while the Z 355 irons and wedges are packed full of forgiveness for the mid handicapper or game improver. Match the wedge model with your irons set for seamless blending and superior distance control.

At Golfbidder we specialise in used wedges. Buying a second hand wedge will save you £££s against the price of a brand new one. If you can't find the Srixon wedge you're looking for take a look at our wedges under £50.

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