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Srixon has gained in popularity in recent years thanks to the quality of their golf clubs from both a cosmetic and technological standpoint. This has lead to an increase in Tour presence on both the PGA Tour and European Tour. Srixon golf clubs are in the hand of multiple Major winners such as Keagan Bradley, Graeme McDowell, and Ernie Els. As well as their golf clubs, Srixon has a great range of golf balls, and their Z Star models (Z Star and Z Star XV) are played on the all the major Tours and can claim 100s of wins across the globe, racking up $millions in prize money.

When browsing Srixon drivers you'll notice an obvious pattern; 'Z' (to indicated Z Series family of products) followed by some numbers. The first number will indicate the ability group the driver is aimed at, the higher the number the lower your handicap should be. For example, a Z 355 driver will be more suited to a higher handicapper than a Z 785 driver which will be suited to a lower handicapper. The second two numbers, 55 and 85 in the example above indicate the age of the club - the higher the number the more recently it was released. In our example, the Z 785 was released in 2018 and the Z 355 in 2015.

All Srixon drivers are adjustable in the hosel to change loft and launch conditions. The specific technologies are shared between the head designs in each release with differentiation coming in the form of playing profile and weighting. The Z 3 drivers will be a full 460cc profile with a long stretched out back for maximum forgiveness with a low weight port for easy launch and high spin to keep the ball in the air. At the other end of the scale, the Z 7 drivers, will have a deeper profile (while still being 460cc) with the weight moved forward to reduce spin (and forgiveness) but increase distance and workability, both characteristics better players look out for.

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