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You might think there's not much technology in putter design, and in some of the older and more traditional head designs, you might be right. However, over the years and model releases the technology in putter design has been turned up to compete with that in drivers.

The Futura range from Scotty Cameron is when as a designer Mr Cameron has removed his self imposed leash and just produced putters with maximum performance, disregarding the cosmetic almost entirely. Wings, fang, weight ports, and dual balance versions are all present in these designs. The putter is constructed with a lightweight centre (usually aluminium) and a heavier outer shell made from steel to draw weight to the perimeter and minimise rotation through the stroke and at impact. Some of the more extreme models feature wings with weight ports which pulls the weigh even further from the centre for the maximum moment of inertia. Despite the appearance models in the Futura family are constructed to the same standard of precision and excellence as their bladed cousins.

Also, look out for the GOLO range. These putters are built to the same template as the Futura and proceeded them in the Scotty Cameron timeline.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the Scotty Cameron Select line of putters. More traditional in appearance but recent models still feature some of the same technology as the Futura line. A milled aluminium face/sole plate is surrounded by heavier steel to increase forgiveness. A pair of sole weights balance the putter perfectly for a consistent stroke. Older models in the Select line is precision milled from a single block of 303 Stainless Steel - very similar to the prototype putters the best players in the world are using.

For many, owning a Scotty Cameron putter is like owning an Alpha Romeo, believing that you're not a proper golfer until you've had one. They're the Holy Grail of putters and account for 14 of Tiger Woods' 15 Major Championships. Other Major Champions of note that played their way to glory with a 'Scotty' are Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth, and Justin Thomas as well as countless wins each and every year on the PGA Tour and European Tours.

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Scotty Cameron putters are used by the best players in the world and we have a great range available for under £200.00.

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