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When browsing Ping putters, it's hard to believe that it all started in a garage in the 1960s. At Golfbidder we have hundreds of different Ping putters to skim through. Traditional players with an arcing stroke will love the Anser design that's been a constant in all Ping putter families since its inception in the early years. If you're looking for a little more forgiveness on the greens, then Ping had a myriad of options for you to pick from - one of the most famous being the Craz-E. Each head design within a particular family is also available in a variety of finished so you can pick the one that suits your eye.

Outside of the head design and weight positioning, this brings one of the crucial other technology stories in Ping putters is True Roll (TR) and variable groove depth technology cut into the face. The milled grooves on the front are of a depth and pitch to create the most consistent distance control by speeding up putts from off-centre impact locations. The pattern also ensures full face forgiveness levels and improves accuracy; leading to more made putts and less three-putting.

Another innovative feature of Ping putters is their adjustable length shafts. This feature has come to market in a variety of forms but essentially allows you to fit your putter to your stroke at home or on the practice green after purchase. There are many benefits of this, with the major one being the putter is the most important in the bag, yet 99% of golfers are not fit of their putter. Allowing the user to adjust their shaft length after purchasing the putter every Ping putter is essentially custom fit from a length point of view, as the user can tinker until they're happy with the feel and balance.

As you'd expect from a premium manufacturer Ping putters, have racked up millions of dollars in prize money, and countless PGA Tour wins, including numerous Majors and Ping unusually marks these victories. For every professional win, Ping creates a 24 carat model of the putter and stores them in a vault at their Arizona HQ. Notable entries are the putters used by Bubba Watson for both his Masters' successes and the single Green Jacket captured by Ángel Cabrera. European Ryder Cup hero Lee Westwood is also a Ping staffer, as well as Tyrell Hatton and Tony Finau.

When talking about Ping putters, you might not realise how closely align the two are. When Ping's founder Karsten Solheim designed his first putter, it was the noise the ball made coming off the putter face which gave its name, and now to one of the biggest golf club brands in the world - PING! The most iconic Ping putter of all is the Anser which takes its name after Solheim's wife said it was the 'answer' to his putting difficulties. The full word was too long to stamp on the putter, so he dropped the 'W'. As a result, 'Anser' could be trademarked, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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