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There is no doubting Ping’s heritage is in iconic irons, and in traditional iron sets, wedges were very much a part of the same set of clubs. It is only in recent years that wedges have started to separate themselves and create a new category.

A big part of building this heritage was the dawn of customer fitting which Ping brought to the golf industry for the first time. At the time, wedges were part of the irons set and therefore fell under the same rules from a length, loft, and lie point of view. All their wedges are still available in the same colour dot for total consistency through the bag and making any Ping clubs (wedges and irons) compatible with each other. For more information on the Ping Colour Dot system, click here.

When browsing Ping wedges on Golfbidder wedges which are extensions of irons sets will still be available. These wedges are perfect for blending seamlessly into the matching iron set for consistency in the swing as well as better gapping and distance control through the shot.

The other option when browsing Ping wedges is going down the line of speciality wedges - an area where Ping excel. The keyword to look out for is Glide. Any wedges with this in their model name are in Ping’s premium wedge offering and the same as those used on Tour by their playing staff.

First released in 2015 the Glide wedge is in its third generation and features a microcavity which delivers incredible forgives in the lower lofts and full swing shots - filled with a soft elastomer Custom Tuning Port the cavity produces a soft yet solid feel. Glide wedges also feature a progressive groove pattern. In the lower lofts, the Wheel-Cut grooves are optimised for full shot performance, while in the higher lofts they’re milled to deliver more spin on partial shots around the green.

Glide wedges (any generation) are also available in different grinds. Models with ‘SS’ in the title are the standard grind and will suit the majority of players. If your swing is particularly steep (if you take big divots), then you might want to look out for wedges with a wide sole (WS). These wedges will be great of softer courses too, and will also deliver incredible performance out of bunkers. For better players and players with shallow swings who like to pick the ball off the surface, there is a Tour version (TS). Wedges with this label will have low bounce and little margin for error, so buyer beware.

Before their breakthrough with the Glide model, Ping had their Tour series. These wedges featured the same cavity for forgiveness and machine milled grooves, all in a traditional teardrop shape preferred by the better player.

One final Ping wedge which needs a mention is one of the most iconic golf clubs every built! The Ping ‘Eye’ wedge was the cause of much discussion when it was released as it was the first club to start experiment with different groove constructions in the hope of generating more spin.

Like all their products Ping wedge has extensive use on the PGA Tour and European Tour. Major winners such as Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen as well as Ryder Cup hero Lee Westwood all use wedges from Ping model line up.

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