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Whether it's the iconic 2-Ball alignment aid, White Hot insert, the Major-winning #7, or just a standard #1, Odyssey is the most popular putter brand in the world; and accounts for more money won than any other, by far! In a recent count on the European Tour Odyssey had 79 putters in play, 51% of the field.

The Odyssey story caught fire at the turn of the Millenium when the White Hot insert was released. This new type of putter, featuring an insert made from a special blend of urethane, gave golfers an unbelievable touch with a softer feel - and changed the putter landscape forever.

It was not only the insert and putter construction that Odyssey was focussing on. They wanted to give the golfer a choice on stroke suitability too. Realising not all putting strokes are the same, Odyssey developed a number of different head shapes to suit strokes from a straight back and through (high moment of inertia #7 and 2-Ball ), to a traditional arcing, door type stroke (traditional blade styling of the #1 and #9).

With their White Hot insert growing in popularity on a weekly basis Odyssey switched their focus to alignment and launched the Versa family of putters. Versa putters feature high contrast White/Black/White, or Black/White/Black cosmetics to give the golfer better feedback on their alignment at address, through the stroke and finally delivery.

The Versa story continued into the next generation of Odyssey putter, Works, and O-Works. These putters featured a totally overhauled insert for the first time (Fusion RX) with the main focus on reducing the skidding at the start of the ball journey. The White Hot insert is teamed with a fine steel mesh which gets the ball into a pure roll faster. This soon developed a stage further into Odyssey Microhinge technology. As the name suggests a series of tiny hinges on the putter face replaced the mesh pattern to further improve the roll imparted on the ball at impact.

As Odyssey moved forward their dominance on the PGA Tour and European Tour continued with Majors being won in the hands of Phil Mickelson, Danny Willet, and Henrik Stenson. Despite this dominance, the research and development team were not satisfied and set about looking at one part of the putter which had not been changed, the shaft. Stoke Lab technology was launch across the Odyssey putter range in 2019 and featured a composite shaft made from steel and graphite. The middle section of the shaft was replaced with graphite to save 40-grams which was repositioned to each end of the putter to deliver more consistent performance.

To provide their customers with the full putter offering Odyssey brought boutique putter manufacturer Toulon. Putters in the Toulon range are designed to be the most beautiful and best performing milled putters in the world.

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