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When you think of the most iconic shots in golf, one that will spring straight to the front of your mind is the Tiger Woods chip on the 16th at Augusta. A little back foot chip up the slope and then back down, with the ball almost stopping to wink at the cameras before it dropped, all executed with a Nike wedge. Just one of the fantastic memories Nike left when they decided to pull out of golf club manufacture.

When looking at Nike wedges, there are two main stories to look out for - Engage and VR.

Specialist wedges under the Victory Red banner are for the golfing purest and were once in the bag of Tiger Woods. Precision engineering at its finest with clean lines creating the perfect package for the feel player who wants to hit their number every time and play precise shots around the green.

The Engage range, on the other hand, is Nike's answer for the golfer looking for more forgiveness. These will have more mass low and deep for easy launch, a full sole for improved turf interaction and perimeter weighting for forgiveness on full shots. These wedges are also uncoated and as a result, will start to rust over time to generate more spin and give the user as much control as possible.

As well as these we'll have wedges are the extension of you're iron sets. These will have all the technology associated with the matching iron set.

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