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Mizuno is a brand associated with the best irons in the world (check them out here) which the best players in the world are playing with, while not being paid to do so. Born from this heritage is their outstanding range of utility irons and direct irons replacements - or as we know them, hybrids.

With the Mizuno name associated with flagship iron models, the MP range, it seems the ideal place to start when discussing Mizuno hybrids and utility irons. MP utility irons are forged long iron replacements, designed to deliver a soft and stable feel with the distance of a hybrid in a premium iron aesthetic for which better players are looking.

The lines between the MP range and Mizuno's 'game improver range' (JPX) are growing increasingly blurred, and the introduction of multi-material construction (MMC) into MP utility irons only pronounces this further. The MP-20 HMB, features dual tungsten weighting to move the CG lower and deeper into the face to encourage higher launch when being hit off the turf.

Mizuno is one of the few brands whose more traditional hybrids don't follow the line of their driver and fairway woods. That's not to say they're not packed full of technology - they are! For example, Amplified Wave Sole, as seen in the most recent Fli-Hi and the CLK models, allows for faster ball speeds and a low forward weight position to produce high, low spinning ball flights sought after players looking for added distance.

Fli-Hi and CLK are two keywords to look out for and have been in the Mizuno hybrid family for over a decade now. Fli-Hi hybrids are the more forgiving of the two and released alongside the JPX iron line - giving game improvers an option to swap out their long irons from something which will benefit their game to a greater extent. The CLK hybrids are more closely aligned to the MP line and will have a more iron-like appearance from above - a profile preferred by the better, 'MP' player.

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