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Mizuno makes some of the best irons in golf, so it's logical to assume their wedges are pretty premium too. Forged in the same factory and manufactured to the same tolerances as their irons Mizuno wedges deliver a superior feel and distance control to some of the best players in the world.

When browsing Mizuno wedges, there are three model types to look out for. The first is a wedge that's an extension of an iron set. These will include any of the MP or JPX wedges which will blend seamlessly into your existing set for consistent gapping and superior distance control. Mizuno pays such close attention to their iron design that these type of wedges do not carry the same stigma 'iron style' wedges usually do - being clunky and for the game improver.

In terms of specialist wedges Mizuno split their range into two models - the 'T' and 'S' - and follow the same release pattern as MP and JPX irons respectively.

The 'S' series of wedges are released inline with the JPX irons and feature a rounded profile which is more forgiving and confidence-inspiring at the address position. The larger size gives Mizuno's engineers more mass to play with, which is added to the top of the face to create a progressive CG location and control the spin on full shots in the lower lofted wedges while increasing forgiveness for off-centre strikes.

By contrast, the 'T' family of the wedges (released in line with the MP range of irons) are a traditional tear-drop profile with a thinner topline prefered by the better player. The shape is progressive; as the lofts get higher with the 60-degree being more rounded in the toe to allow face manipulation and creativity around the green.

Both wedges feature Boron infused steel which improves durability for longer-lasting grooves and spin consistency.

One final consideration when buying a Mizuno wedge is the finish which is strictly personal preference. Generally, there are three to choose from, with Satin being the most popular. Both iron extensions and specialist wedge will be available in this finish. Another option is a darker finish, usually black or gunmetal. These finishes will reduce glare reflecting off the face in bright conditions. Finally, there is their unique Blue IP finish which ties in with the brand colour story. If you want to stand out on the course, then a blue wedge from Mizuno is one of the best ways to do it!

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