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Think Mizuno. Think Irons. Think very good irons which are played by the best players in the world who are competing in and winning Majors. What might not spring to mind is their range of metal woods and in particular their drivers.

Mizuno has always had a presence in the driver market, even being the first to market with technology that's now taken for granted. Their MP-600 driver (circa 2008) was the first example of a moveable weight in a track around the perimeter which the user can slide to the heel or toe to affect draw or fade bias. This technology has been in Callaway and TaylorMade drivers since this and is present in their current Epic Flash, and M5 models respectively.

Despite this level of innovation, it was not until 2019 that the real breakthrough was made, a PGA Tour win in the hands of Keith Mitchell at the Honda Classic. The ST190 driver (and MP-18 irons) saw him gain more than 2 strokes on the field from tee-to-green paving the way for victory.

Their new crop of drivers, the ST190 and ST190G keep up with all the current trends in driver technology. Adjustable in the hosel to change launch angle with the G model featuring moveable weight to shift the centre of gravity location to change shot shape as required. In their recent releases, Mizuno has launched a 'fixed' model which is set up for max forgiveness and distance with a large weight low and back. Look for 'ST' in the model name if this is the one for you.

Moveable weight is not the only technology story in a Mizuno driver either. As a company which make some of the best irons in the game, it makes sense that Mizuno would want to bring some of this technology to their other club categories. They do this in the form of a forged face. Forging allows or a more complex geometry and design to deliver more ball speed from the centre of the face but more consistent ball speed on off centre hits.

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