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When Lynx came back into the equipment market in the UK and Europe, there was a real buzz. A brand with so much heritage for so many was available again! This excitement has continued, and Lynx is now a recognised equipment brand once again with an alternative fairway wood offering for new and experienced golfers alike.

At the entry-level, where Lynx excels, they have their Predator fairway wood. One of the great things about Lynx, which only a few other brands do, is carrying their product names through all the club categories. If you play a Predator driver and irons, then there's going to be a fairway offering too.

The Predator is a simple fairway with no adjustability for the golfer who wants to set it down behind the ball and go! A large profile inspires confidence at address and a visible weight port at the rear of the sole increases forgiveness and delivers a high launch. There is also a slot behind the face to increase flex at impact for additional ball speed and distance.

A step up from this comes the Parallax which has the same features and benefits as the Predator but uses a high-quality material to deliver enhanced performance.

For the golfer who likes to adjust, then the final fairway wood in the Lynx range is for you. The Black Cat features two-way adjustability - in the hosel for changing the loft to dial in launch angle and in the sole where you can alter spin characteristics based on your preferred flight. The weight bar system has one heavy end and one light end. With the heavier end at the back, the Black Cat fairway wood sets up for maximum forgiveness and high launch. Spin it around, and the fairway wood turns into a low spin machine with a penetrating flight - characteristics preferred by the better player.

Lynx also has an excellent range for female golfers. Their Crystal family is the sister product to the Predator and has the same features and characteristics.

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