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Lynx Golf believes in bringing fun and enjoyment to golf and as a result of this, they make a driver for everyone. Regardless of budget, ability, or even age, Lynx will have a driver that suits you. And one that will make the game easier, and thus more enjoyable.

The key to buying a Lynx driver is in the name with a single model name being applied to a whole range of complementary products. Predator, for example, is their entry level driver which features a 460cc head with a low and deep centre of gravity location for maximum forgiveness. There is also a Predator fairway wood, hybrid, irons, and even a bag that will work with each other, making a potentially confusing landscape much easier to understand. If one works for you then other clubs of the same name will too. These names are also carried on when there is a new model. On Golfbidder you'll find the year after the model name to help you identify new and older models. If you had a Predator previously the new one will be similar in characteristics, with upgraded performance and technology.

All Lynx drivers are adjustable in the hosel across a 4-degree range in half degree increments. Some of their models (Parallax, Black Cat, and BB) also feature variations on moveable weight technology which allows you to dial in your prefered flight by altering launch and spin conditions. All Lynx drivers can also be custom fit at their Surrey HQ.

The technology story in Lynx drivers does not end here though. As a brand, they're always striving for new innovation and are not afraid to break from convention and tradition in the pursuit of performance. Take the heated headcover for example which was so unique there was not even a rule to cover it! The theory was that heating the head of the driver caused the gas inside to expand and make the face 'hotter' and generate more ball speed. At the 2019 PGA Show in Orlando Lynx unveiled their latest innovation - Switch Face Technology. By switching the face of the driver rather than tuning the hosel Lynx can deliver a more precise level of adjustability. Watch our video here to find out more.

The history behind the Lynx brand speaks for itself. Most people will recall an iconic image of Fred Couples at The Masters in a white visor with the brand name flashed across the front in the early nineties. Despite this enormous heritage and equity Lynx disappeared from our golf bags for some time before being brought by a Charles Claire LLP (based in the UK) company in 2012. After securing the global distribution rights, Lynx was re-launched in the UK, across Europe, and in America. In 2018 Lynx was the first golf company to go Single Use Plastic free.

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