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In 1963 Honma Golf was established to produced its first golf clubs. Fast forward to the modern-day and Honma has secured former World #1 Justin Rose as the face of the brand, chalking up PGA Tour win using Honma clubs at the Farmers Insurance Open in January of 2019.

The Honma hybrid range is split into two families. The TW range which is focused on performance and the choice of Justin Rose, whereas the Beres range focuses on using the best components to make the best golf clubs.

The larger size of traditional hybrids allows Honma's engineers to pack the head with as much technology as possible. They've chosen to fix the head (rather than making it adjustable like the matching drivers and fairway woods) which reduces the hosel length by 5mm, but more importantly, gives them more mass to place elsewhere in the club to make it better.

In the TW747 hybrid, for example, this mass has been used to optimise internal loading to increase the launch angle by approximately 2 degrees. In the T- World XP-1 hybrid, double slot technology increases face flex upon impact to maintain speed on off-centre shots.

You can also split the Honma hybrid range into traditional hybrids with a rounded profile, low CG for high launch, spin and MOI which is aimed at the mass golfing market. Or there's iron style TW-U utility iron which produces a low spinning and penetrating flight preferred by the better player.

Honma is one of the fastest-growing in the golf market and declares itself to be the #1 manufacturer of 'premium' golf equipment - premium on price. To be able to command their prices, Honma needs to do something different, and they do. Honma is committed to developing the whole golf club itself rather than outsourcing shaft production.

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