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Any brand who is trying to break into the golf industry needs to take a look at Honma as their formula was perfect. Premium product + super-high profile Brand Ambassador + early Tour win = the ideal launch. This immediate success on the PGA Tour is likely to see more players make a move over to Honma in the future - so watch this space.

That brand ambassador was Justin Rose, who many people thought was crazy when he decided to leave TaylorMade having reached the top of the world rankings using their product. Reports at the time suggested the reason behind the move to Honma was more to do with a club Honma don’t make - his putter. By moving to Honma, Justin could use any putter he wanted. A move that has worked as he remains firmly inside the world’s Top-10 (November 2019) and a contender every time he tees it up.

Honma irons are at the top end of the spectrum, but unlike a lot of irons at this price point, they make an iron not only for the better play but the mid to high handicapper too.

Honma’s central club family is the T-World range (TW), and they have various models within this. The 747 V and Vx models are iterations on a theme. Both irons feature a new sole design for better turf interaction and a shallow cavity to position more mass behind the hitting area for an outstanding level of feel. The shallow cavity creates perimeter weighting for forgiveness on off-centre hits and more consistent distance control. The V is the slightly bigger of the two models while the Vx will be aimed at the better player and feature a slightly narrower sole and thinner topline.

At the very top end, they have the TW Rose Proto irons. As the name suggests, these are the clubs Justin Rose is using to the PGA Tour and European Tour. Forged in Japan, they’re aimed at the better player who is after consistence performance when they need it most.

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