Honma Fairway Woods

Like other brands, Honma aligns its fairways with their drivers in both naming convention and build quality. Unlike their drivers there is only one version per model, a one size fits all approach.

First up (going alongside the driver used by Justine Rose) is the TW747 fairway wood. The club screams quality - tons of rack appeal draws you in, while a visible weight port low and deep inspires confidence. Over the ball, a rounded profile will further heighten confidence with the carbon crown lowering the CG location for maximum forgiveness and a high launch. Marginally shorter from front to back than some of the others available, the TW747 leans towards the better player market.

If the TW747 is aimed at the better player then the TW (T-World) XP-1 and is aimed at the game improver. A vast double slot behind the face increases flex across the entire surface to maintain ball speed. A carbon crown lowers the CG for a high launch and increased forgiveness while a built-in draw bias delivers straighter shots. Finally, a lightweight shaft will generate more clubhead speed for the same input by the user - essentially more speed and distance from day one!

The BeZeal 535 fairway follows the same technology story as the XP-1 but does not feature a carbon crown. To counteract the heavier crown construction, there is a weight port low and back to drop the CG location and increase launch angle.

Despite being an established brand in Asia, Honma only entered the European retail market in 2018 when they revealed Justin Rose would be playing their equipment for the 2019 season. Honma has continued to commit to the global equipment market so expect to see some more marquee signings over the coming months.

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