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The Cobra ONE Length story is not just for irons; Cobra wedges also come in all shapes and sizes. They're fully committed to making the whole game more accessible, so ONE Lenth wedges are available, both specialist and extensions of iron sets. These wedges are the same length as a stock 7-iron and allow you to continue to put the stock swing on shots in the scoring zone. This consistency and confidence will breed superior distance control and lead to more holeable first putts. If you've got one length irons, then ONE length wedge is the natural progression. For more information on ONE Length technology, you can watch our review here where we looked at the first iteration, the Cobra KING F7 ONE Length irons.

Another progressive technology from Cobra is, for the first time, in their KING MIM wedge. Metal Injection Moulding involves, as you'd expect, injecting metal into a mould and then heating it. MIM is a new way (for golf) to manufacture parts precisely to a level that casting and forging do not allow. Manufacturing tolerances are reduced by 50% using this technique, which will deliver more precise and consistent products for their playing staff and amateurs alike. Expect to see these techniques expanded into the full Cobra product family in years to come.

Possibly the most iconic of all Cobra wedges to date is the Trusty Rusty. With a catchy name and performance to match this model became a favourite among amateurs thanks to the additional spin and control it delivered. The raw finish turned to rust to create four distinct surface textures to impart the maximum allowable spin on the ball from all lies.

On the PGA Tour Cobra wedges are represented in the bag of Rickie Fowler who (in 2019) is using the KING V (Versatile) wedges in 52, 56, and 60-degrees.

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